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Simply Smarter.

Offer vacation packages under your hotel brand –including flights, cars and extras – in just one button.

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This is premium vacation booking, simplified. No need to struggle with package operation, flight handling and inventory sourcing. LAYA is the most easy-to-use, no-code solution for branded hotel vacation packages. Make your guests’ vacation booking experience as comfortable as a penthouse suite – achieve conversion rates that really pay off.

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Add the LAYA button to your website. 1

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Simplify your booking process

Enable easy booking of vacation packages: Launch LAYA in days on your platform. No IT development required.

Boost your revenues

Add value for your business: Convert a higher share of your website traffic by addressing convenience-oriented guests.

Win over your guests’ hearts

Upgrade your hotels’ service portfolio by offering branded vacation packages – bookable via the LAYA button.

Full experience for guests. Endless opportunities for hoteliers.

Get more with LAYA
Average daily rate

Package guests book higher room categories and spend more on-site.

Booked room nights

Guests, who choose packages, stay on average 12 consecutive nights.

Less cancellations

Due to the included flights package guests cancel less.

Numbers based on Internation Institute of Numbers & Data

Trusted partners

LAYA is already connected to more than 100 distribution systems for real-time access to your rates.

Upgrade your booking experience with LAYA.

Upgrade your booking experience with LAYA.

30 min live-session

Web conferencing details are provided upon confirmation.

Premium vacation
booking simplified.

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staff members


We support some of the most admired hotel brands worldwide to offer simply more. Our solution makes it easier than ever to book (and sell) vacation packages – including everything from hotel rooms, flights and mobility services up to extraordinary experiences. If you’re looking for a job that’s just as exciting as a visit at one of those premium hotels, you should definitely check-in with us.

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