Going beyond.

We reinvent vacation packages.

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Our mission: Enabling you to go beyond.

Make it smoooooth.

We help some of the most admired hotel brands in the world to sell more than just a bed. And to do this easier than ever before. Because this is not only good for hotels but even better for travelers.

Cut. The. Clutter.

Our technology enables hotels to create and market entire vacation experiences directly to their customers – freeing them from overhead-expensive, old-school systems, processes and tour operators.

Direct for the win.

This gives control and independence back to hotel brands while at the same time cutting out the middlemen.The result? Better trips for less.

The journey of our lifetime.

Fresh funding
Thanks to our unbelievable team and our brave and unwavering shareholders, we manage not only to survive the crisis but to secure seed funding north of € 6m.
Spin off
In the middle of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemia, we founded Laya by spinning off its technology core from award-winning multi-day tours startup Fineway to start building the vacation packaging stack from the ground up. Great idea...!
Getting real
Our MVP is meanwhile a quite sophisticated piece of technology. And some really cool hotel brands (though us still being in stealth mode) start to work with us once they realized what they could do with our solution.
But, meanwhile, our MVP is ready. Good luck selling that to hotels that are closed due to Corona. Or even getting them on the phone. Yeeez....
Covid hits
Covid proves to be the worst crisis of mankind since world war II with a slight tendency to fuck over travel companies. Our idea now seems to be even better. Not.
Whatever the end of this year will
bring, we're super excited, grateful and
also a bit proud of our incredible journey
over the past 18 months
Late 2021
Mid 2021
Early 2021
Late 2020
Mid 2020
Early 2020

We're building the packaging stack from the ground up.

(because someone had to do it, eventually)

Not our first rodeo.

Markus, Founder & CEO

Serial founder in the digital space and leads the product development at Laya.

Marco, Founder & COO

Possesses deep travel & hospitality industry experience and spearheads all commercial activities at Laya.

We're proud and happy to be supported by our awesome advisors.

Catharina van Delden

Founder and former CEO of Innosabi and also member of the presiding committee of BITKOM.

Jan Valentin

Founding partner of travel VC Howzat ennea, former MD KAYAK Europe and CEO of Travel24.

Ait Voncke

Former SVP & GM Lodging and Activities Expedia Group, GM Groupon Travel EMEA.

Arno Schwalie

Former SVP Radisson Hotel Group, COO and CCO of Design Hotels.

We love travel. But our planet even more.

At Laya, it's all about making a positive impact – on our clients but also on our society and our environment. To us, acting responsibly is not optional, it's fundamental to everything we do. This is why we pledge substantial amounts of time, effort and money to continously lower and compensate our footprint and inspire others to follow our example.
Go beyond rooms.
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